These are some of our past and current Brussels Griffons.
Occasionally we have adults available.
If interested, email me.
This is BENNY. He was our
very first Brussels Griffon. I got
him for my birthday. He is a
BELGE rough. He has lots of
Champions in his pedigree. His
father is a Champion. He has
the sweetest eyes that are very
large and expressive... almost
This is "Georgie"
He is considered
These lovely girls are
adorable! The black female
is "Mystery" and she has a
gorgeous thick black rough
coat. The red rough female
is "Pixie"

Hushpuppy loves to cuddle.
She has a very mellow personality.
This is one of our adorable sires
He is a beautiful black and tan.
This belge rough female is "Molly"...she is spunky and also loves to cuddle....definitely wants to be held
but really doesn't like posing for the camera :-) The first three pictures are of her younger and then the
other two are now.

This  black female is Lily. She is inquisitive and smart. Nice square body. Very expressive.
Please feel free to contact me by email or by
This is one of our adorable sires
He is a beautiful red with a black mask

This is CANDY.She has a lot of black
and tan markings.
Nice thick rough coat.
This is "Lucky"